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Bathtubs with doors

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Calla Lily is family of bath tub products, consisting of three different versions, each satisfying different needs. The creators of the tubs concentrated solely on personal needs, ignoring the habits and conventions of the sector. The Calla Lily tubs have been made with love and passion. Technical and functional solutions have been selected in a way that simplicity and maximum practicality can dominate. We are proud that Calla Lily is a 100% Hungarian product.

Our products are in the process of commercial licensing and therefore should be viewed as prototypes.

Outdoor experience

Our stylish looking tubs have been manufactured with love and passion, tailoring it to your personal needs.

Discover the unique advantages of Calla Lily walk-in tubs

The common characteristics of Calla Lily tubs

Inspired by nature

Calla Lily „Classic”

For the lovers of hydromassage

Calla Lily „Hydro”

Oxygen therapy in your home

Calla Lily „Oxygen”

Calla Lily in the bathroom

The designer of bathroom concepts:

Bring style into your home

Clean, exquisite design

Our unique tubs are characterized by maximum practicality focusing on your comfort


We are proud that Call Lily is a 100% Hungarian product.

3 models

The different models satisfy different needs.

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